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Sinners & Saints Program LogoAl seguente link è possibile ascoltare e scaricare gratuitamente l’intervista rilasciata ieri da Stevie, Manguss e Andy ai microfoni di ScreamRadio:

Intervenuti all’interno della trasmissione “Sinners&Saints On Air” condotta da DJ Truck Driver Mox, i ragazzi hanno parlato del nuovo album “Face The Challenge” e dell’attività della band. Da non perdere!!!

"Saints, Poets & Sailors"“Catch Me If You Can” will be included in the new Showdown Boulevard’s EP “Saints, Poets & Sailors” out on December 21, 2012.

String arrangement by Daniele “Money” Moneta.

Produced by Andy Pontremoli

Mixed by Andy&Manguss

Mastered by Artist Recording Studio (Italy)


Click on the pic to download the track!

Click on the image to listen to the episode number 187 of “ScreamRadio Show” with Stevie and Andy. Don’t miss it!!!

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Posted: October 25, 2012 in Media