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We had the pleasure of having a chat with Giorgio Maria de Clementi, the new Showdown Boulevard’s frontman.

Hello Giorgio and welcome to the page dedicated to Showdown Boulevard. How were for you these early months in the band?

G: Hello Teresa and thank you for the space you grant me! I met Andy and Daniele last October and right from the start we were able to find a great feeling both regarding the sound of the album that regarding the composition work, while everyone of us write the songs at his home-studio because we live in three different cities!!!

Can you give us some anticipation about the new album?

G: The new album has a more direct and “classic” sound if you can say it as opposed to “Face The Challenge”. The predominant elements are guitars and the sound recalls the hard rock style of bands such as Skid Row, Winger and Warrant in the early 90s, revised in a modern key.

Personally which are the singers that most influenced your style?

G: They are a lot, because I like to sing different genres and every genre has its sacred monsters! In the Rock/metal field I definitely like Sebastian Bach, Myles Kennedy, David Coverdale, but also Geoff Tate, Andre Matos and Russell Allen. And then the greatest of all, Stevie Wonder, a living legend!!!

What do you want to say to your followers?

G: Again I thank you for this interview and I send a greeting to all the rockers who follow us, in advance that there will be further news on the new album, then… stay tuned!!!

Today is the turn of Daniele Moneta, new Showdown Boulevard’s guitar man. We stole him some time during the recordings of “While Winter’s Coming” to ask him about himself, his guitar tastes and the new album.

Hello Daniele and thanks in the meantime for your availability! Have you become part of the Showdown Boulevard project recently, would you like to introduce yourself to your followers? What personal path have you followed and in what projects have you been involved before SDB?

D: I live…playing music. I teach in a musical institute and have been involved in many projects of various kinds, including also musicals such as “Jesus Christ Superstar”. I attended the “Jazz Civic School” in Milan under the guidance of the Maestro Bebo Ferra.

All guitarists are normally interested in the instrumentation that a ‘colleague’ uses. What do you like to use as guitars and effects/amplifiers?

D: I’ve always been a Marshall lover. I use some pedals of various kinds. I also have a Yamaha rack but mainly I entrust myself to Boss and Fulltone pedals. I don’t like the too much processed sound. Less is better!! As main guitar I use a Yamaha Pacifica 821d. I also have some “classic guitar” such as Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster.

Which are the guitarists who have influenced your way to play?

D: I like many different guitarists: Randy Rhoads, Malmsteen, Satriani… About Jazz: Pass and Montgomery. My favorite blues guitarist is absolutely Stevie Ray Vaughan! Anyway, I really have a big number of favorites, I don’t have a single reference.

Which are the bands you have grown with and the ones you listen to most often today? Do you think there are valid bands in Italy too?

D: I really love the AOR scene: House of Lords, Whitesnake, Journey. I also love the 80s scene: Poison, Motley Crue and many more. I really like the prog style of bands like Dream Theater. In Italy I follow many valid bands like Labirinth, Rhapsody, Death SS and others. I follow very much the Italian scene ‘cause I think it’s alive and kicking.

What do you think about Manguss’ job on the first two albums? Be honest, surely it will be appreciated by our readers…

D: He has a very different style than mine and I sincerely think it’s a bomb!!

What about the recording stage of the new album “While Winter’s Coming”?

D: The work goes on more than good and if I can say: I am really excited about it!

Finally, you have room for greetings and a message for the followers of the band…

D: Greetings and thank you all for your attention and endless support!!

Today we have exchanged some impressions with Andy Pontremoli, bass-player, author and co-founder of Showdown Boulevard. He has revealed us some further detail on the new, forthcoming album “While Winter’s Coming”.

Hi Andy, thanks also to you for the availability! Now a question to blank: Why did you have these lineup changes in view of the new album?

A: Hi and thanks to you who are dedicating time and commitment. Well, the answer to your question is very simple, no secret behind the changes: meanwhile we were without a singer because Stevie had left the project for some time, and no one was still found. For the guitarist: I waited for months that Manguss was free from his commitments or at least that he could make the writing of the songs for a new album of Showdown Boulevard (remember that “Face The Challenge” is released during 2013!!!) one of his priorities, but this did not happen. I was ready to continue the “experimental stage” with him, the one started with “FTC”, and the very first ideas that circulated clearly told of how we would take even more distances from the classic heavy rock of our debut album. At a time when his willingness, as I said, came less, it was natural to think of a dear friend, even before that excellent guitarist, such as Daniele Moneta. Obviously the style of Daniele is totally different from the Manguss one, as well as ideas on sounds and arrangements. But to push the members of the band to their best level, we oriented the song writing on those that are shared tastes and common background. The “discovery” of Giorgio De Clementi has simply certified all of this: we are still here and ready to kick out a release that belongs to us and that we first, I am sure, will love to listen again over the years.

How did the collaboration with Giorgio begin?

A: I saw one of his videos, along with many others, and listened to many good singers. In the video with an old band he played some Skid Row tunes with abilities and also personality, without to be Sebastian Bach! Also he has undoubted talent and technical skills so we have advanced our proposal. Gio decided to try and recorded for us a couple of demos on ideas that we had written: we all came out satisfied and therefore it was natural officialize his entry into the SDB project. In addition he is really a good guy and with whom we talk about many opinions and ideas about our music. We have common thoughts about how we want that the next album will have to play, something that has not always happened in the past especially between Stevie and Manguss, and I am sure you will here it in the album.

On drums we will have Francesco Corato…

A: Francesco is an excellent session man, versatile and able to play different styles, including the hard rock that we propose. I had already collaborated with him during the recordings of some of my own tracks and the quality he can guarantee convinced me to ask him to participate also in this project, which is today, without doubt, my priority, much more than “Cut The Check”, my solo album that for now is… frozen!

After these details about the lineup, we come to the album: why the title “While Winter’s Coming”?

A: Meanwhile I can tell you that it will also be the title of a song of the album. For years I have in my head the title of the 2008 Enya CD called “And Winter Came”, I love it as much as it sounds in English that translated in Italian. But I did not want the copy and so… here is our version (laughter). Gio and Dani liked it and so… we have a name for our future creature!

How many tracks will be included in the album and, if you can, tell us something more about the dates related to its realization…

A: Well, the tracks will definitely be 10, not less. Then I can tell you that we are completing the first 5 tracks that will form a Promo, useful to realize the record deal we are looking for. We have 3-4 interesting opportunities and for interesting I refer to situations where we are finding people really interested in our sound and who want to help us to spread our music Wordlwide. This is the only thing that really means. Then, if we will sell copies of the album as it still happens with the first two CDs, we will be the first to be happy, of course, but this ain’t the occupation that gives us food and pays our debts, so the priorities are others. Returning to the Promo: we are committing to be ready for the end of June, so as we continue the “negotiations” for the record deal there will be enough time to complete the second half of the album. If it will be release as a self-produced work, this would probably happen by September. If we will go out for a label, we will decide together with their managers, but with the strong intention on our part not to move beyond the end of 2017.

Can you give us some title of the new songs and some indication on how they will sound? Who is working on the lyrics and what are they talking about?

A: Sure, gladly. For now as I said we are finishing the first 5 tracks: 1. While Winter’s Coming 2. After All 3. Tomorrow 4. Blind Visions 5. Brand New Start. “While Winter’s Coming” is the opening track, a hard rock tune from the beginning of 90’s as it was played by the bands that survived the 80’s parties and that went to make their sound a bit more heavy. “After all” I believe you have heard it because there still be a sample on our “Number1Music” page. It is the fastest track recorded so far. “Tomorrow” is instead a more melodic and “radio friendly” track, or at least it’s what we hope (laughter). “Blind Visions” is a more gloomy mid-tempo, even in lyrics, with changes in sound and atmosphere within the song itself. “Brand New Start” is a ballad with a final “surprise”, very 70’s I would say… This text has been written by Giorgio, while for the others I have written them. “Brand New Start” as the title says tells of a new season in life after a finished love. “While Winter’s Coming” describes the difficulty of leaving something, despite the desperate desire to do it, knowing that we will miss it, it could be a person, but also a place, or why not an addiction. “After All” talks about an ex-friend, or presumed one, just get this as a description for now. “Tomorrow” tells instead of a very strong love but that will never materialize, the streets of the two lovers have hopelessly separated but, in their fantasies and dreams, continue to live this story and to seek each other. “Blind Visions”, finally, speaks of my personal experience and encounter with a much older person than I, very sick and considered by everyone as a madman: probably the real fools are all of us!

Thank you Andy for your time and for everything you wanted to tell us about “While Winter’s Coming”. We hope to have the opportunity to talk again both with you, Giorgio and Daniele, and why not with Francesco, in order to receive updates about the album.

A: Thanks to you, I hope I’m not too long in some answers, which happens when I talk about topics that really mean to me. We will try to keep you and all our followers updated on the path that this album is doing, hope that when you finally listen to it you will enjoy it at least as much as we like it. Last: I have to thank Max Braccianti and BBHells Records, also if we have closed the collaboration at the moment, but that we will not forget (because Max is an exquisite and helpful person and has become a true friend) at the time of making our final choice for the future label that will represent us around the World. Stay ROCK!

(By Teresa Paloschi – SDB Italian Street Team https://www.facebook.com/sdbitalianstreetteam/)


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