RockShock – Review (ENG)

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Reviews
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Showdown Boulevard, an album and a band born in 2012, after the meeting of the vocalist Stevie Anders, the bass player Andy Pontremoli (the two were formerly together in the project  A-Pon74) and the experiences guitar player Manguss. The mood of the CD is sandy and distorted, but also energetic and full of life.

The musical range varies from hard rock, to country –  here and there like on the intro “Dawn On The Showdown Boulevard” – to a sort of sleaze that tributes the best days of the  ’80s. Everything is detailed and put on a personal and extremely enjoyable perspective, with aggressive songs such as “Ice Man” above the others, but also the super active and kinetic touches of “Life Is A State Of Mind”.

Showdown Boulevard offers also some darker anthems – the beautiful “Who Dares Wins”, with its complicated guitar textures. Other country flavors this time with the light melody of “So Bad”. If “Learn To Fight”  is a sort of devilish and dusty punk jingle, “Last Night In Paris” gives an unexpected romantic end to the album – as its title suggests – with twisted keyboards, a very catchy refrain and a funny frame to recreate its setting.

Glowing and personal good debut album, enjoyable from the first to the last song and with an already defined international flavor.


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